We live in an amazing time in history, the entrepreneurial age. A time when technology & entrepreneurship have the potential to facilitate amazing change, for the good of mankind. I believe in a world of unity. A world where there are no borders between countries, all men & women are treated as equal, & there is abundance & good health for every human. And, I believe it is entrepreneurs who will create this world.

Having been an entrepreneur since the age of eight years old. I have been the founder of several companies, & seen many success & just as many failures along the journey. My life now revolves around building & supporting businesses with the tools & resources needed to scale, not only to fulfil their own ambitions of creating abundance, but most importantly, for those businesses to be used as a force for positive change in the world.

Having founded ‘Ezy VA‘ in 2013, I have worked with over 600 companies helping them to scale through the various stages of growth, from Micro > Small > Medium. This journey has lead me to Co-Found a consulting & recruitment company ‘CoSourcer‘ which assists SME’s to build out their offshore teams so that they become more scalable, profitable & can make a bigger impact in the world with their business. CoSourcer also provide serviced offices in Philippines for these high performance offshore teams.

Due to my expertise in leverage, systems & building high performing remote teams, & having worked with hundreds of business owners around the world, I am a regular guest speaker at education events internationally on the topics of scaling, outsourcing & globalisation. As well as my experience & expertise in these fields, I am also a strategic advisor & sit on the board to several companies.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner in a position to scale up, feel free to get in touch, I’d be glad to add some value in your direction of building your systems for scaling, offshore teams & contribution.

Find Out Exactly How Scalable Your Business Is With The ‘Outsource To Scale’ Scalability Scorecard. Not Only Will You Know How Prepared You Are To Scale, But I Will Also Walk You Through The Exact Next Steps To Scale Your Business & Build A High Performing Global Team