What I Learned From Mentoring The Next Generation Of Female Business Leaders

We live in a topsy turvy world. A world full of conflict. A world where not only do we have big problems to deal with, but we have it forced upon us by the media. The current paradigm of the state of the world is thrust upon us as not only negative, but in dire straits.

This weekend gone by, I had the privilege of being a mentoring at the ‘Girls In Tech’ Startup Bootcamp, held at Facebook Singapore office. It’s event’s like this that give me a very different paradigm of the world that we live. Not only am I confident that we can save the world problems, but I’m positive of a world of abundance for all humans.

Why? Being a mentor to a group of around seventy female entrepreneurs, mostly in their teens & twenties, I got to witness innovation & an intention to change the world on a massive scale. Not only do these young women have the ideas to change the world to be a better place, but they have a level of thinking that is far more leveraged than my generation.

A lot of judgement gets thrown around towards millenials & Generation Z that they are lazy, spoilt & demanding. It might be the case in many circumstances. But in the context of entrepreneurship, it’s these very qualities that have these young future leaders to be thinking on a very leveraged scale. I was bought up in an era of business where you put one foot behind the next & slowly build a sustainable business with solid foundations. This new era of entrepreneurship is about moonshot thinking, where there are no limits, no boundaries. Building a safe sustainable business is of no interest. Taking huge risks & making the hugest impact possible is.

Of course there is some naivety in these qualities. And this world they live in where they are focused on funding above revenue, they need people like me to help them build the actual business. But I’m inspired! Inspired by their thinking. Inspired by their visions to want to change the world as THE priority. And I think it’s up to leaders from my generation to give these visionaries the tools & support to make these innovations a reality.

I believe in a world where moonshot thinking is the normal. I believe in a world of positivity & optimism is the norm. And I’m excited to see these young people’s dreams come to reality to build a better planet!

Have an inspired day! Monty….. 🙂